Icon Mar 22 - © Bomba
Icon Mar 22 Photography by Fabien Montique
Dust SS22 - © Bomba
Dust SS22 Photography by Pierre-Ange Carlotti
How To Spend It, Feb 22 - © Bomba
How To Spend It, Feb 22 Photography by Bibi Borthwick
M Nov 21 - © Bomba
M Nov 21 photography by Fausto Elizalde
Vogue UA Dec21 - © Bomba
Vogue UA Dec21 photography by Pierre et Gilles
Justine Clenquet SS22 - © Bomba
Justine Clenquet SS22 photography by Lukasz Pukowiec
Louis Vuitton Precious Tiger Capsule 22 - © Bomba
Louis Vuitton Precious Tiger Capsule 22 photography by Inès Manai
Situationist SS22 - © Bomba
Situationist SS22 Photography by Davit Giorgadze
Louis Vuitton Capsule CVD - © Bomba
Louis Vuitton Capsule CVD photography by Quentin Saunier
Marcia SS21 - © Bomba
Marcia SS21 photography by Pierre-Ange Carlotti
Givenchy Spring 22 - © Bomba
Givenchy Spring 22 photography by Matto Studio
About the Artist

Hélène grows up in Paris. After attending a beauty school and several experiences as a makeup artist in the film industry, she meets fashion photographers with whom she starts to collaborate and express herself differently. She loves to enhance people’s beauty naturally and enjoys playing with color and texture to create bold looks and express her creativity.

Hélène’s work include Purple, Vogue Italia, Marcia, T China, Carcy, M, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Self Service, Dior, Carcy, Zara, Vogue, Giambattista Valli, Lacoste, CR Fashion Book, The Situationnist, Tabayer

Close-Up - © Bomba

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