M, Nov22 - © Bomba
M, Nov22 with Lous & the Yakuza, photography by Cédrine Scheidig
Interlope Hiver 22 - © Bomba
Interlope Hiver 22 photography by Otman Qrita
Lampoon F22 - © Bomba
Lampoon F22 photography by Maxime Ballesteros
Numéro Art SS22 - © Bomba
Numéro Art SS22 photography by Lee Wei Swee
Novembre - © Bomba
Novembre Photography by Jules Moskovtchenko
Nylon - © Bomba
Yndi for Nylon Photography by Lee Wei Swee
Lorette Colé Duprat, Insomnia 22 - © Bomba
Lorette Colé Duprat, Insomnia 22 photography by Tom Blesch
Both AW22 - © Bomba
Both AW22 photography by Nhu Xuan Hua
Lala&ce “VT Zook II” video - © Bomba
Lala&ce "VT Zook II" video directed by Rad Cartier, Nyoko Bokbae and Lala&ce
Lorette Colé Duprat 21 - © Bomba
Lorette Colé Duprat 21 Photography by Charlotte Wales
Lafawndah - © Bomba
Lafawndah Photography by Charlotte Krieger
Masterclass by Thee Dian - © Bomba
Masterclass by Thee Dian Photography by Gil Anselmi
Versace Jeans Couture directed by Zack Spiger
About the Artist

Damèse Savidan is a stylist based in Paris. Born in Ethiopia, he grew up in France, lived and worked Brussels before settling back to Paris. He's also Fashion Consultant for jewelry designer Lorette Colé Duprat.

Damèse's *work includes Lorette Colé Duprat, Mugler, Novembre, Numero Art, Ami, Versace, CR Fashion Book, Both, Lampoon

Numéro Art SS22 - © Bomba

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